Modular Contact

Fits the customer application needs, which is in a good quality reliable device.

Excel Groups contactors are mainly used in power systems with AC 50Hz/60Hz, rated working voltage up to 400V and rated working current up to 63A. They are used as remote switches and control circuits to control various installations such as motors and lights.

Excel Groups contactors are normally open type with a coil voltage of 230V.

Contactors are not protective devices and an appropriate protective device must be installed upstream of the contactor.

Excel Groups contactors can be installed in industrial, commercial or domestic installations which require control of automated functions.

Product name: Modular Contactors 50Hz/60HZ

Type Rated current (In) Control voltage (V AC) (50Hz) contact width of the module (18mm times)
16A 230V 2NO 1
32A 2
Type Rated current (In) Control voltage (V AC) (50Hz) contact width of the module (9mm times)
  16A 230V 4NO 2
32A 3


Technical Specifications
Specifications 16A 20A 25A 40A 63A 100A
Rated Current(A) MC- 16 20 25 40 63 100
Conventional thermal current(A) AC-1 25 25 25 63 63 100
Rated Insulation Voltage Ui(V) 500
Rated Operating Voltage 250V(2P) 400V(4P)
Number of Main Contactors 2P 2NO
4P 4NO
Electrical life(times) 100000
Mechanical life(times) 1000000
Maximum switching operations per hour 30
Maximum switching operations per day 100
Rated controlling power supply voltage Us(V) AC 24/50Hz AC230/50Hz
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Pollution class 3
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 2.5kV(4kV–12/24/48VAV)
Protection degree Enclosure IP20
Installed in distribution box IP40
Working temperature -5℃ ~ + 60℃
Storage temperature -40℃ ~+70℃


Technical Specifications
Type Rated current (In) Control voltage (V AC)(50Hz) Power Consumption Max. Power
Holding Actuation
2P 16A 230…240 2.7VA 9.2VA 1.2W
20A 230…240 2.7VA 9.2VA 1.2W
25A 230…240 2.7VA 9.2VA 1.2W
32A 220…240 4.6VA 34VA 1.6W
40A 220…240 4.6VA 34VA 1.6W
63A 220…240 4.6VA 34VA 1.6W
4P 16A 220…240 4.6VA 34VA 1.6W
20A 220…240 4.6VA 34VA 1.6W
25A 220…240 4.6VA 34VA 1.6W
32A 220…240 6.5VA 53VA 2.1W
40A 220…240 6.5VA 53VA 2.1W
63A 220…240 6.5VA 53VA 2.1W

Part Numbers

Part No Descriptions
MC-2P20 2 Pole 10A 2NO
MC-2P25 2 Pole 25A 2NO
MC-2P32 2 Pole 32A 2NO
MC-2P40 2 Pole 40A 2NO
MC-2P63 2 Pole 63A 2NO
MC-4P20 4 Pole 10A 2NO
MC-4P25 4 Pole 25A 2NO
MC-4P32 4 Pole 32A 2NO
MC-4P40 4 Pole 40A 2NO
MC-4P63 4 Pole 63A 2NO



Modular Contactors Data Sheet.pdf