Terms and Conditions

Please beware that all orders and contracts are make subject to this terms and conditions, we maybe update or alter this terms and conditions at any time without notification. Any buyer trade with Excel Group is deemed to accept these terms.

  1. Definitions

1.1 “Buyer” the purchaser of the Goods from the Seller.

1.2 “Seller” Excel Group Ltd.

1.3 “Contract” the contract for the sale and purchase of the Goods made pursuant to these Terms.

1.4 “Delivery” delivery of the Goods in accordance with these Terms.

1.5 “Delivery Address” the location for Delivery agreed by the Seller and the Buyer (save where it is agreed that the Buyer shall collect the Goods from the Seller’s premises).

1.6 “Delivery Date” the date for Delivery agreed by the Seller and the Buyer.

1.7 “Goods” the products which the Seller has agreed to supply to the Buyer pursuant to these Terms.

1.8 “Loss” all actions claims demands losses (direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise) expenses costs actions and proceedings.

1.9 “Payment Terms” the terms of payment in respect of the Price (and where relevant any delivery order or handling charges) which unless otherwise agreed by the Buyer and the Seller shall require payment not later than the last day of the month following that in which the Seller notifies the Buyer that the Goods are ready for despatch or have been dispatched.

1.10 “Price” the price of the Goods as set out in the Seller’s current price list at the date of despatch.

1.10 “Quotation” includes any quotation, estimate, or tender given or made by the Seller.

1.12 “Terms” the terms and conditions set out herein including any special terms and conditions agreed in writing by the Seller and the Buyer.

1.13 “Product Lifetime” is the reasonable lifetime of a wiring accessory product in this catalogue

  1. The Seller reserves the right by giving notice to the Buyer at any time before Delivery to increase the price of the Goods or any instalment of the Goods. 

  2. A Quotation does not mean Seller accept the offer. All quotations are subject to VAT. All price of quotation will stand for 30 days.

  3. VAT: the prices shown are exclusive of VAT and this will be charged at the relevant rate.

  4. In addition to the Price, an order charge of £10 shall be payable by the Buyer on orders under the value of £200. The Seller reserves the right to charge the Buyer a reasonable charge for special deliveries made at the Buyer’s request.

  5. The Buyer shall pay the Price plus any VAT strictly in accordance with the Payment Terms. Payment shouldn’t due. Late payment will be charging interest 0.1% per day on any outstanding invoice, from the date upon which payment falls due to the actual date of payment such.

  6. If the Buyer shall fail to fulfil the Payment Terms in respect of any invoice of the Seller, the Seller may demand payment of all outstanding balances from the Buyer whether due or not and/or cancel all outstanding orders and/or decline to make further deliveries except upon receipt of cash or satisfactory securities.

  7. Delivery shall be made by the Seller supplying the Goods to the Delivery Address and the Buyer shall be responsible for the unloading of the Goods at the Delivery Address and the cost thereof.

  8. Before payment of goods, the goods are seller’s property, when seller receive buyer’s payment, the goods become buyer’s property.

  9. If the Goods are to be manufactured by the Seller in accordance with a specification submitted by the Buyer, the Buyer shall indemnify the Seller against all Loss suffered by the Seller in connection with any claim by a third party that the manufacture and/or supply of the Goods to such specification infringes the rights of any third party.

  10. The Buyer shall be deemed to have inspected and quantified the Goods upon Delivery and the Seller shall have no liability to the Buyer in relation to short delivery or damage to the Goods in transit which was apparent on inspection or which would have been apparent on reasonable inspection unless such short delivery or damage is notified to the Seller and the carriers in writing within 3 days of Delivery specifying (in such detail as the Supplier shall reasonably require) the shortage in or damage to the Goods.

  11. The Seller shall have no liability to the Buyer in relation to non-delivery of the Goods unless such non-delivery is notified to the Seller in writing within 3 days of the Delivery Date.

  12. The Buyer shall be deemed to have inspected the invoice, any dispute about invoice should send to Seller in writing with 3 days of receive invoice.

  13. The company undertakes to replace or repair at its discretion products should they become inoperable within the 36 months. Faulty goods will only be authorised by Seller. Faulty goods credit, but debit notes still need. After received goods, Seller will test return items, if items test not to be faulty, cannot credit Buyer, the Buyer will be charging 10% test fee and 50% restocking fee. Seller can’t credit goods value and carriage charge if we test not faulty. We will organise collection if the value more than £50, if less than £50, Buyer will

  14. The Seller shall not be liable to repair or replace defective Goods or part thereof if the Goods or part thereof have been subject to any misuse, unauthorised repair replacement modification or alteration.

  15. Cancellation: if you want to cancel your order, you can do so at any time until we send out. You also need to inform us by writing and let us confirm whether we have been able to do this.

  16. The risk in the Goods shall pass to the Buyer immediately upon Delivery.

  17. Price change: we reserve the right to change price of goods without notification period, any order placed before the price change date will be deemed to acceptance of previous price. Debit Notes for pricing discrepancies are not permitted and will not be accepted.

  18. The Buyer shall be responsible for complying with any legislation or regulations governing the importation of the Goods into the country of destination and for the payment of any duties thereon. In particular, if any licence or consent of any government or other authority shall be required for the acquisition, carriage or use of the Goods by the Buyer the Buyer shall obtain the same at its own expense and if necessary, produce evidence of the same to the Seller on demand. Failure to do so shall not entitle the Buyer to withhold or delay payment of the Price. Any additional expenses or charges incurred by the Seller resulting from such failure shall be for the Buyer’s account.

  19. The Seller shall be entitled to assign or sub-contract all or any of its rights and obligations hereunder. The Buyer shall not be entitled to assign transfer sub-contract or otherwise delegate any of its rights or obligations hereunder.

  20. These Terms supersede all previous Conditions of Sale of the Seller.

  21. Return: goods can be return within 3 months from delivery date in resalable condition (unless otherwise agreed with Seller), specification goods and obsolete goods can not return, handle charge 30% will apply. No returns will be accepted without prior authorisation.

  22. Specified goods: all specific products will be full charged, even not dispatched, irrespective as to what stage the production is at.