RCD Type A

RCD Type A series residual current circuit breaker is mainly used in AC 50Hz circuit with rated voltage 400V and rated current up to 125A. In case of personal electric shock or when the grid leakage exceeds the specified value, the residual current circuit breaker can quickly cut off the power supply in a very short time for protection of the safety of people and electrical equipment.

This product is suitable for various places such as industrial, commercial and domestic installations.


Product name RCD
Standards IEC61008-1
Certificate CE, UK CA
Electrical characteristics
Number of poles 2/4
Rated frequency (Hz) 50
Frame current (A)Inm 100
Rated current (A)In 25-100
Rated voltage (V) 230V/400V
Rated insulation voltage (V)Ui 500
Rated impulse withstand voltage (kV)Uimp 4
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity (kA)Ics 7.5
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity (kA)Icn 10
Trip form Leakage trip
Pollution level 2
Rated residual action current (mA) 30/100/300
Max. breaking time at the rated residual current 0.1s
wave form of earth leakage sensed A / AC
Mechanical properties
Electrical life 6000
Mechanical life 10000
Protection grade IP20
Indicator window Contact status indication
Normal operation conditions and installation characteristics
Storage temperature -35℃ ~ +70℃
Installation site altitude ≤ 2000m
Terminals Fixed with screw
Maximum wiring capacity 25mm2
Maximum limit torque Nm 3.5
Installation category Class Ⅱ , Ⅲ
Installation method 35mm standard rail
Incoming method Upper and lower

Part Numbers

Part No Descriptions
RCD-225-030 2 Pole 25A 30mA Type A
RCD-240-030 2 Pole 40A 30mA Type A
RCD-263-030 2 Pole 63A 30mA Type A
RCD-280-030 2 Pole 80A 30mA Type A
RCD-2100-030 2 Pole 100A 30mA Type A
RCD-240-100 2 Pole 40A 100mA Type A
RCD-263-100 2 Pole 63A 100mA Type A
RCD-280-100 2 Pole 80A 100mA Type A
RCD-2100-100 2 Pole 100A 100mA Type A
RCD-240-300 2 Pole 40A 300mA Type A
RCD-263-300 2 Pole 63A 300mA Type A
RCD-280-300 2 Pole 80A 300mA Type A
RCD-2100-300 2 Pole 100A 300mA Type A

Wiring diagram



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