SPD (Surge Protection Devices)

Save installation space, Pressing the contacts on both sides of the module can be easily plugged and unplugged, and can be replaced without interrupting the system operation.

Limit transient over-voltage

Discharge over-current

Type SPD-240
SPD according to EN 61643-11/IEC61643-11 Type 2/Class II/T2
Max.continuous operating voltage(a.c.)(Uc) 280V NPE:255V
Nominal discharge current In(8/20μs)KA 20kA
Maximum discharge current Imax(8/20μs)KA 40kA
Voltage protection level(Up) ≤1.3kV ≤1.5kV
Response time 25ns 100ns
Operating temperature range -40℃~+80℃
Operating state/fault indication Clear:normal Red:Replace
Configurations 2P/4P/1+N/3+N
For mounting on 18mm DIN rails acc.to EN 60715
Place of installation indoor installation
Degree of protection IP20


Part Numbers

Part No Descriptions
SPD-220 2 Pole 10kA/20kA
SPD-240 2 Pole 20kA/40kA
SPD-220KIT 2 Pole 10kA/20kA, 32A MCB and Cables
SPD-240KIT 2 Pole 20kA/40kA, 32A MCB and Cables

Basic diagram


Signal terminal


SPD Data Sheet.pdf